Anna Vodka

Born in Yalta, Crimea, Russia
Live and work in Moscow, Russia

I have started my artist carrier at being 27-year-old brand manager in a big international corporation, after 2 non-art diplomas and 8 years’ office job experience. Initially it was like a little dream, which has grown, to the huge changes in the whole life.

I have got my third diploma in arts, paintings (Stroganov Academy, ended up my marketing carrier and at the age of 30 started my professional artist carrier path (by now about 8 years of art experience). Now I am a professioanal Moscow contempory artist with a huge art experience. 

Of course, it was not easy but I am rather persistent person so I managed to achieve some results to become a Moscow contemporary artist:

1. More than 20 exhibition projects, including:

  • Russian Artist Union projects
  • 2 Group exhibition projects in the frame of independent artists’ society «WantAndPaint» in one of the state contemporary art galleries in Moscow «A3 Gallery» and one in newborn «WantAndPaint Gallery»
  • huge project devoted to the Water «H20» in one of the biggest ART Centers in Moscow «Winzavod» (supervised by the ARTIS GALLERY) – 14 personal artworks were exhibited, in total 5 Russian artists were participated

2. Grant winner for the year 2019 of Moscow United Exhibition Centers: personal exhibition for September 2019 «Moscow and the feelings» 

3. Prize winner at the Annual Art Festival «Paint/draw the The Pokrovsky Cathedral», special prize of the Russian National Historical Museum

4. The member of the Artists` Creative Russian Union

5. 2020: 2nd place in Saint-Petersburg ArtWeek Contest; 2 and 3 places with video art in Zen Art Fest (Moscow)

More than 200 artworks in different techniques and genres, about 50 of them are in private and galleries art collections.

The main topics of my personal artworks and art projects:

Emotions and people feelings which I try to show via silhouettes on the textural surface of the canvas, a little bit hidden but trying to evoke thoughts of spectators.

The water, rivers and the sea … Just a reflection of my personal nostalgia as I was born at the Black Sea Shore and now have to live far from native Sea region. As far as a reflection of the main principle of my life and my art: moving water is the symbol of constant development, motion and positive changes on the way to my goals and dreams as an artist. Moreover, the embodiment of Freedom.