About the series of artworks «Hidden emotions»

The Art should not be obvious. A viewer should not at first glance understand an idea and consider a definite piece of art as something simply readable. It is strongly important that a viewer standing opposite my artwork feels a necessity to reflect. It is crucial to create a desire to stop the moment, to think over, try to understand and probably to see and find something personal and intimate.

Emotions, feelings, aspirations, dreams – all I live with and due to – everything is here, on my canvases.

Textures imitation which I create are prime to images. They are shows what idea is really hidden by the colors, lines, volumes, roughness of the background. On the other hand, images and silhouettes reflects definite emotions and experiences.

The concept of my artworks of this series is that we all, people, are tend to hide our true feelings and thoughts. That complicates our life. We tend to lie, cheat and distort reality.

I try to make the viewer to thing about the truth, sincerity and honesty at least for the moment he or she is standing opposite my painting.

What more inspires me?

Visually and emotionally the strongest inspiration for me is the Sea and the Water. As a person who was born near the Sea I can’t live without the sea element nearby so that I reflect this topic in my artworks. Pure Sea with the variety of its embodiments. Symbols and textures. Abstract forms. Conceptual arts.

Water is the Symbol of Movement, Development, Life and Freedom for me, the most vital Element of Nature, which are the most important life concepts for me as well.